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Prall Family Association


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  Prall's Island with map.

  Scroll down  for photo and info on Prallsville Mills, Hunterdon Co., NJ

Family Tree DNA
  The site for submitting your cheek-scraping DNA for genetic data and links. But first check out the DNA Project page in the links above or below.

  Relax, folks; this is not political.  It refers to wooded country, not a family name.
Of special interest to collateral descendants of Capt. Edward Prall [children of Aaron Prall and Mary Whittaker]
  The Bush Declaration was the first Declaration of Independence made by any representative body in America, signed at Bush, Harford County, Maryland, on March 22, 1775.
  "We the Committee of Harford County, having most seriously and maturely considered the Resolves and Association of the Continental Congress, and the Resolves of the Provincial Convention, do most heartily approve of the same, and as we esteem ourselves in a more particular manner intrusted by our constituents to see them carried into execution, we do most solemnly pledge ourselves to each other, and to our Country, and engage ourselves by every tie held sacred among mankind to perform the same at the risque of our lives and fortunes."

  The document; Edward's signature is halfway down the second column.

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